十二社通り 地鶏焼き とりや

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Yakitori (Chicken Skewers)
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

Toriya specializes in free range chicken from Hinai area in Akita. Matriculated balance of moisture, charcoal flavor and salt results in very delicious skewers.


(Chicken Skewers)

Perfection is the word to describe the temperature control from chicken to all of the vegetables here at Toriya. Chefs at the charcoal station reminds us of craftsman working with details. This sensitivity and attention to detail separates Yakitori, Japanese Chicken Skewers from all of the other charcoaled chicken plates around the globe.

Timeless Flavor

Toriya offers skewers with the best combination of moisture, well selected ingredients and salt content; capturing the perfect moment to enjoy the flavors in your mouth.

Editor Notes

  • Balanced out salt in every skewer.
  • Toriya puts just as same effort into grilled vegetable skewers as it does with chicken skewers.
  • First time in Japan or not, we recommend Toriya for the Yakitori in Japan. The details and thoughtfulness of Japanese food can be tasted in their skewers.
  • Cannot miss with their selection of drinks as well.



Junisodori Jidoriyaki Toriya
3-7-27 Nishishinjyuku
Shinjyuku, Tokyo

セントヒルズ西新宿 B1F


(M – F) 17:30 – 24:00  (LO 23:00)
(Sat & Sun) 17:30 – 23:00 (LO 22:00)


Tel: (03)3345-3433

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