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This soup is full of beef nutritions, great for warming up your body on cold winter days. Definitely the best Seolleongtang Soup in Seoul


The beef broth in their Galbitang soup is just amazing. Dip the rice or kimchi for variety of taste in one bowl. 

Meat Mung Bean Pancacke

Mung bean pancake (nokdujeon) is a pancake made with ground mung bean batter. It has savory taste with nutty flavor. Meat is optional, but it adds extra rich taste.

Korean Beef Soups


A staple soup in Korean households especially in the cold winter days. Seolleongtang is made by boiling down ox marrow bones mainly for 10+ hours until the marrow melt and the soup become rich and creamy white. The combination of which bone to use (marrow 사골, feet 우족, or knuckles 도가니) depends on the chef to achieve the exact flavor and richness. It is served with thin beef slices and somyeon (thin wheat noodles).


Beef short ribs are the primary ingredient for Galbitang soup. Galbi is also the famous meat for Korean barbecue. Clearer than Seolleongtang, Galbitang soup also is simmered for hours on low heat. Served with beef Galbi meat at Neutinamu.

Fit To Your Taste

Seollongtang soup is served unseasoned. The soup is complete by adding your own amount of Korean sea salt, black peppers, and scallions. You’d be surprised of how much a little salt can bring out the broad flavor of beef.

Long lasting Neutinamu started out from a couple who had ox farming experience. All parts of beef are useful, according to Korean chefs. Never waste a good source of taste!

The two bathtub like boiling pot is where all the soup begin. They are on medium heat with bubbles at the top of the soup he entire time to gain the milky broth for Seolleongtang. The heat is on 24 hours as well as the restaurant.

Banchan, small side dishes (complimentary and refillable) are almost always served with meals at Korean restaurants. The varieties vary house to house and number of plates are unique depending on the main dish. The simplest banchan served especially with soups is kimchi (fermented nappa cabbage seasoned with chili peppers and salt). At Neutinamu, homemade kimchi and kkakdugi (kimchi made with white raddish) are served with the soups. Their kkakdugi is one of a kind and our favorite.

Editor Notes

  • Whether it is the first time in Korea or your usual trip, Neutinamu is the place to stop especially on cold days. The rich soup warms up your body instantly. Rice, Kkakdugi, and kimchi completes your breakfast lunch or dinner. Don’t mind making a trip just for their best Seolleongtang soup in Seoul!



251-131 Sindang-dong, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea

서울시 중구 신당동 251-131


Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 22:00



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