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Maracuya (Bebido de Frutas)


Sancocho is a traditional soup in Latin America. Every household, restaurant has its own recipe for Sancocho.

Colombian Sancocho is usually made with different kinds of meat with largely cut vegetables. Depending on which region of Columbia the chef is from, the protein varies from seafood to beef. At Monseratte, bone-on beef ribs are mainly used for the famous soup.


“Lunch is famous for their beef soup and daily specials. The soup is sold out by early afternoon, so be sure to catch the lunch hour. Sancocho includes beef ribs, yuca, goya, plantains, potatoes, and corn on the cob as main ingredients. Dip the rice into the soup just like the locals!”


“There are many empanada varieties offered from South America, but Columbian empanadas are the best. Freshly deep fried empanada dough are made with corn meal, which adds the crispy crust and nutty flavor. Sprinkle some lime and add the aji sauce while you wait for the main dish.”


“The fresh Lilikoi (Maracuya) juice is refreshing for the hot summer season. Monseratte’s fruit juice is somewhere between juice and shake. Small amount of milk adds the thickness to their juice. I always ask for extra ice to keep it very cold.”

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Monseratte has 2 different touch during lunch and dinner. The place is packed with local fans most of them ordering Sancocho and it is more relaxed environment during dinnertime. Good South American wine goes well with meat or fish dish.

Colombian aji picante is a spicy Colombian hot sauce served with Sancocho, empanadas, rice, and all. Green colored sauce includes small habanero and tons of scallions. Added tomato, cilantro, lime and vinegar completes this all-mighty sauce. The refreshing touch goes well with any plate. 

Daily specials at Monserrate are also recommended. Tuesday special, Pollo en Salsa is juicy chicken thigh stewed with flavorful vegetables. Bone-in chicken adds extra chicken broth to the dish.

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10-15 min ride from Miami airport, Monseratte offers the traditional home cooked Columbian cuisine. Whether to get a good lunch before the flight or picking up a bag full of empanadas for catering, this is one of the best restaurants in the city.

Refreshing juice and easy to eat empanadas make a great catering on a trip.


9545 NW 41st St.
Doral, Florida 33178


7 Days / Week:
11:00 – 21:00



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