about us

Why did you create iNSpure?

Flying in the cockpit and backseat are valuable time for us to be inspired to think “What more can we do in Aviation that are both fun and creative?”

Using our passion for flying and ideas to make current travel much more comfortable experience for everyone, we created iNSpure to be inventors using aircrafts and sky. 

What exactly do iNSpure do?

We have many projects such as providing in-flight meal that are both attractive for the crew and passengers, designing aircraft logos, writing picture books based on our personal flying experiences, inventing suitcases, and structuring new airplane toys. 

We’d love to collaborate with other professionals that are just as passionate in Aviation. Please feel free to reach us.

What is most important for iNSpure?

Being innovative and creating more smiles. Following our passion led us to fly as pilots. We like to show that joy in flying still exists by adding our color into Aviation. 

We aim to provide earth-friendly projects and flying experiences by reducing aviation waste and headaches surrounds current travels.


Koutetsu An

B767 Pilot
iNSpure Website Designer


My childhood consisted of every weekend of photo sessions at Narita airport in Japan. I proceeded to high school in the U.S., then into Aviation college to obtain through commercial license. Having experienced in charter and private flyings, currently flying at a cargo airline with my wife whom I met along my career.

We created iNSpure creative studio based upon flights through vast skies. Many ideas flowed though out my international flying. Our goal is to provide a place where we can share the fun and excitement of Aviation to all ages.

Lan Hatakeyama An

B767 Pilot
iNSpure Photographer


Flying an airplane remains as an exciting event even after flying for thousands of hours. Recent jumpseat experience on the B747 proved just the case. It was an amazing experience to see the huge aircraft at first hand right before my eyes. The same excitement remained as I did on the day I air traveled for the first time or the first day I flew a Cessna. Flight instructing, charter, and corporate flying all lead to current position as a cargo airline pilot.

I wish to show more of the enjoyment and eye-widening experiences to all who wish to be around iNSpure’s projects.


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